A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Collect the resources around you, build walls and construct doors for protection.

Collect eggs, kill animals, plant beds in order to get food.

Create assistants: guards, peasants, mercenaries. Beware of wolves and other players.

The more gold you have, the higher your ranking in the leaderboard will be. Build towers to extract gold!

You can hire units to accelerate your progress.

Move: W, A, S, D or arrows
Look: Mouse
Select building: 1-9 or click on the icon
Attack / Gather: Click

This is downloadable version of browser game available here: http://glor.io . It's absolutely not finished yet, so i would appreciate any feedback and bugreports :)

Install instructions

Just extract zip archive and run glorio.exe


glorio-win32.zip 15 MB
Version 1 Jul 10, 2017
glorio-osx.zip 32 MB
Version 1 Jul 10, 2017
glorio-linux.zip 34 MB
Version 1 Jul 12, 2017


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вот имена у меня тоже не запусается!!!

Hi glor.io, love the game! Just want to know if you are ever going to add the dark bear to the game? Thanks!-Ididyamum

PLZ add a desert and an ocean.

I love the game and i support it but i have a question do you think you will add different weapons in the game? or add upgrades to the mercenary 

Hello! I love your Glor.io game, and it would be great if you could add on the rank the number of people killed next to the score :D

Thank you for your good job, keep it up !

HI, can you do a vote on wheather or not accounts can be added?

[you]tube - TBird Builds!

Hello! Glor.io developer iam user love your game sooo much and i want you to add something its game save add game save and accounts it will be so much better 

Hello! I love your Glor.IO game, but I'm a Debian Linux user and was wondering if you could please create a desktop version for Linux. That'd be incredible! Thanks

Hi! Thanks! I'm upload build for linux x32/x64 systems (and i check it on latest ubuntu). But desktop versions in very early stage, so it's unstable and buggy in compare with web version. 

This was loads of fun to play! Some music and sounds would be nice though, but still. 

Thanks! Music and sounds planned for desktop versions, it's just a first playable build :)

Cool! I got killed at about level 4 I believe, there were some high level dudes around. Keep up the good work!